Why manufacture offshore?

There is a reason China is dominating our manufacturing. It’s because they are great at it. Asia is capable of producing a high or low end product to meet your needs at an unbeatable price.

What are Swell Source’s lead times?

We always quote “from approved sample” to ensure that your product is the way you want it and there are no surprises to our clients.

  • Mass produced offshore products are usually 60 days
  • Large format and event printing is usually 2-3 weeks
  • Stock promotional products can be ready to ship within 24 hours but usually available in 2 weeks

Do you have a catalog?

The only catalog for our offshore products is your imagination. We can truly manufacture everything.
If you are looking for stock domestic product, please see our online store here: ONLINE STORE

Can you really build anything?

Yes, as long as the volume is high enough and the budget is realistic. To date we have sourced everything from jet skis to condoms.

What does Swell Source offer if I already manufacture overseas?

We provide logistics, warehousing, consolidating, fulfillment, product design, packaging, translation, factory audits and chemical tests. We also ensure your products and brand integrity are looked after.

Does Swell Source work in China?

We currently travel to China 3-5 times per year depending on order quantity so we can watch your products being produced. Your brand is in good hands.

How is the environment affected by manufacturing offshore?

Most of the factories we employ are medium sized. They are very cost-conscious. As a result, their recycling programs are very detailed; wasted material or product is wasted money. Many factories – especially large-scale factories – have large power generators on site due to inconsistent power supply. We have seen many solar hot water heaters (almost all housing we see), roofs made of solar panels, wind turbines and even one mini hydro project. These are contributing to China’s status as the world’s largest green energy producer.

What make Swell Source different?

It’s because we get it. We understand you are too busy to learn mandarin, and to know the intricate complexities of each product we manufacturer and import.

Over 6 years of traveling, visiting, and working between Canada and Asia have given us the understanding and connections to build your products on spec and on time!

Where are your factories located?

China is set up so there are different areas that specialize in a specific area of manufacturing. For instance, wood manufacturing is in one area of the country, textiles, another, and mechanical in another. The vast majorities of our factories are close to port towns and usually located in Special Economic Zones that are specific to manufacturing and are heavily regulated and monitored by the government.