Design what you want, from the ground up.

Today’s business environment demands that your brand develops a unique identity. We promote that idea, custom manufacturing our products to your specifications.

By working with Swell Source for your promotional products, the packaging, tags, and design are totally based on your brand’s needs. We can work with you and the factory to build exactly what you envision.


Premium promotional products get your brand noticed! Align your brand with premium products and get premium clients.

Mid Range

Check out premium on-packs, near packs for your beer case, wine bottles or other retail promotional products. We can build what you need!


Get your brand on a highly distributed item. Then, have your brand exposed repeatedly over the course of the day. Affordable without sacrificing quality, our budget promotional products do just that!

Low Rider Bike

Bikes offer a branding opportunity that is eco-sensitive, safe, and very very unique. Our low ...

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HX Series Snowboard

Our personal favorite, the HX is designed to set your brand apart from the blandness ...

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Bar Fridge

Promotional bar fridges are an essential product for any bar, pub or liquor retail store. ...

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Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard Bindings are a great product to add to your snowboard brands.  They are a ...

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Air Hockey Table

Our custom built air hockey tables are part of a great long term promotional strategy.  ...

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Snowboard Skin

Swell Source’s snowboard skins are a great addition to an already existing snowboard.  You can ...

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